Welcome to Ompty, the hottest destination for savvy consumers looking for a meal at a discounted price.


At Ompty we are proud to offer our Members the opportunity to privately create deals that suit their individual needs. As the name implies (Offers Made Privately To You) Ompty is unique in that the deals you source are visible to you and you alone, unlike other deal sites where every buyer is purchasing the same deal at the same restaurant.

Ompty is an effective, innovative way to introduce new clientele to local eateries.


Ompty is the brainchild of co-founder and head honcho, Mike. The original idea was formed while sitting at traffic lights, after yet another long day of his near 30 years working in the financial markets. It has undergone many transformations since then to become the Ompty of today. Utilising the skills of his co-founders (another long-standing financial markets whizz, together with an absolute computer guru), Mike now has an enthusiastic and passionate team working round the clock to ensure that the Ompty experience is pleasurable for our Members. Mike and the team are constantly fine-tuning the business model to make Ompty an effortless and enjoyable way for Members to procure amazing private deals from select locations.

Mike has great plans for the expansion of Ompty, so watch this space...