FAQ’s for Members

What is Ompty about?

Ompty is about getting the best possible deal for our Members on services provided by Restaurants, cafes, bars etc.

What makes Ompty better than other “Deal” sites?

Ompty allows you to select a location and a timeframe, and immediately you will be notified of all the deals that meet your requirements. Scroll through the many available offers, and select the one that best suits your needs.Ompty is unique in that it links our Members with our partner Restaurants to facilitate a deal at the lowest possible price.

Can I book for today and the few days ahead?

Of course! Ompty is the perfect tool for making last minute bookings at a discounted price.

Is it free to become an Ompty Member?

Absolutely! There is no fee when you sign up as a Member of Ompty. When you accept an Offer you pay for this at your chosen Restaurant at the conclusion of your meal.

How do I “Request Offers” on Ompty?

In order to take advantage of the benefits of Ompty you need to register as a Member. Then from your Dashboard you can “Request Offers”. You simply choose the date & time, location, price guide and number of guests and immediately you will be shown all the deals available from the Restaurants in your desired location.Accept your favourite offer, and your “Ompty Pass” will be automatically delivered to your email address. Your Ompty Pass can also be accessed from your Profile Page.

What is an Ompty Pass?

Once you have accepted an Offer, the Restaurant will be notified, and you will receive via email your “Ompty Pass”. Your Ompty Pass is also accessible from your Profile Page.
Simply take your printed Ompty Pass or your smart device electronic version to the Restaurant and enjoy your meal.

How can I keep track of my Ompty Pass purchases?

All of your current and historical Ompty Passes are accessible from your Profile Page.

When do I pay for the Offer once I have accepted?

Payment is made at the time of redemption of your Ompty Pass at the conclusion of your meal.

Is Ompty available on my mobile device?

Yes, Ompty can be accessed from your PC, tablet or mobile device. Ompty is a web App which you can add to your ‘favourite’ page on your mobile device.

Can I cancel an Ompty Pass?

As Ompty is a free service we kindly ask you to notify the relevant restaurant if you cannot make your pre-defined booking time. The phone number will be on your Ompty Pass.

Can I give my Ompty Pass to another person?

Yes, it is easy to give your Ompty Pass to someone else to redeem. Simply print off the Ompty Pass for them to take to the Restaurant, or forward them the electronic pass that can be redeemed from their phone.

Will there be additional costs at the Restaurant?

Your Ompty Pass will clearly outline what is included in your Offer. You certainly have the option to purchase anything from the Restaurant outside of the Offer, and this can be settled with the Restaurant at the end of your meal.

I have a question that is not covered here….

No problem! Send your question to and your query will be answered by our Help Desk within 24 hours. We also appreciate any feedback or suggestions to make your Ompty experience even better!

How do I change my password?

Simply click on the “My Profile” tab in the Member Dashboard, then “Change Password”.

What if I forget my password?

If, at the time of login, you cannot remember your password, click the “Forgot Password” bar and follow the steps.

How do I contact the Ompty Help Desk?

If you need assistance of any kind you can contact us on