FAQ's for Restaurants

What are the benefits for my business if I feature it on Ompty?

  • Increased patronage during quiet periods
  • Enhances your marketing efforts and promotes your Restaurant
  • Easily set up pre-established deals that respond immediately to requests. Set and forget!
  • Attract new clientele
  • Get results that impact your bottom line

How do I get my Restaurant featured on Ompty?

Creating an account with Ompty is a simple process, accessed with links from our Homepage at
Feel free to contact Ompty regarding opening an account and we will respond within 24 hours. Email us at:

Are there costs involved in linking my Restaurant with Ompty?

There is no cost to establish an account on the Ompty website.

Is it difficult or time consuming to set up Offers?

It is quick and easy to set up and maintain your pre-established offers that respond automatically to a Member’s request. Once these Offers are in place they can run indefinitely, but you can add, pause or delete offers whenever you choose.

What makes Ompty better than other deal sites?

Ompty is all about increasing the profile of local restaurants, while at the same time securing a great deal for our Members.
Listing your business on Ompty will give you access to our ever-expanding customer base. We hope to assist you to fill your restaurant during your quiet periods, which will increase your customer base, your turnover and your bottom line. Ompty Members are looking for a great deal, sometimes at the last minute. Make your deal good enough and they will definitely come!

Do I issue the Ompty Pass?

No, the Ompty Pass will be automatically generated by our system when the Member accepts your Offer.

What happens when an Ompty Member claims a deal?
You will receive an email notification for each deal claimed at your establishment. Simply enter them into your booking system for the defined time.

When do I get paid for the services provided?

The Member will present their Ompty Pass on arrival at your establishment. This Ompty Pass will outline the details of the Offer and the agreed price, which will be paid at the end of the meal. Naturally the Member can also purchase extra items that are not covered by the deal, which will be added to the final bill.

If I need assistance, or more information, how do I contact Ompty?

If you need assistance of any kind you can contact the Ompty Help Desk on